Native Omaha Days Festival 2021

Rules, Regulations and Guidelines
Artisan/Commercial/Non-Profit Exhibitors


Days of Operation:

Wednesday, July 28 – Saturday, July 31 (Noon – 8 pm)
Bryant Center Basketball Court – 2417 Grant Street


Vendor Information and Requirements:

  • The event occurs rain or shine so be prepared for weather conditions and dress appropriately.
  • Vendors arriving after set-up hours may forfeit their participation and will not receive a refund.
  • Vendor understands a No-Show on any event day may result in forfeiture of vendor space and fees and, will not be reimbursed.
  • Event Hours and Location: All vendors must remain open unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Vendor parking will be located between 24th & Burdette and 25th & Burdette St. (street will be blocked)
  • Vendors are required to keep their booth and exhibition area in a neat and clean condition.
  • Placement of vendor booth will be assigned by the Native Omaha Days Organizing Committee.
  • Vendor agrees to sell products within the approved designated space. Any use of site space beyond that assigned to the Vendor including the addition of tables outside or around the vendor space is not permitted.
  • All vendors must be off the premises each day by 9 PM. Vendors on the premises after 9 PM will be assess an additional $50 fee for each 30 minutes remaining on the festival grounds.
  • Vendors will receive a badge to display on your booth to signify official participation. Badge must be visible at all times (lost or stolen badges will be reissued at a cost of $25/ea.).
  • Security Deposit: If approved, a refundable security deposit of $75.00 is required. Vendors shall leave the festival grounds in the same condition in which they were provided. Any damage to property sustained as a result of Vendor may result in forfeiture of security deposit, and Vendor will be responsible for reimbursement of any costs incurred by the Native Omaha Days Organizing Committee to return the grounds to the condition in which they were provided (to the extent such costs are not otherwise covered by the security deposit).
  • Overnight security will be provided Wed. Jul 28, 2021 thru Sat. Jul 31, 2021. Vendors must secure their booth at night and remove all valuable items before closing up at the end of the day. The Native Omaha Days Organizing Committee is not responsible for lost, stolen items, or damage to any products, equipment, displays, or other belongings in their booth.
  • Permit: Vendors are responsible for obtaining all City and State permits.
  • The Native Omaha Days Organizing Committee reserve the right to decline vendor request for any reason and/or if we feel there is too much duplication.
  • Vendor agrees not to assign, sublet or share the whole or any part of his/her assigned space. Violations will result in the vendor’s immediate removal from the event without a refund and forfeiture of the entire security deposit and future participation.
  • No loudspeakers, phonographs, sound movies or megaphones that interfere with adjoining vendor spaces will be permitted. Vendor space and operation must conform to any regulation as per the City of Omaha.
  • Booth Signage: Vendors are required to bring their own signage to showcase their extended product price. Signage can be hung on the front of booth tables, displayed on sandwich board signs, or freestanding signs. If freestanding signs or Sandwich Boards are used, they must not obstruct the pedestrian walkway. Vendors will be permitted to hang signs/banners above their booth space. Signage should not exceed a maximum height of 2.5 feet (32 in) above the tent and should be no longer than your booth.
  • Any vendor found dumping trash on the ground, drain or any other area of the event property will bear the cost and responsibility of clean-up and any damages it may cause. Anyone found doing this will be asked to leave the event, your deposit forfeited and future participation at the NOD Festival will be denied.
  • Trash Disposal: Vendors are responsible to collect & properly bag trash within your booth area. Trash cans will be located throughout the festival grounds. Each space must be kept clean throughout the event. A clean-up crew will collect properly bagged trash from outside of your area. Booth space that have trash and garbage bags that have not been properly sealed and discarded are subject to forfeit future participation during Native Omaha Days Festival.
  • Vendors selling beyond their approved permit or application may be subject to forfeit their participation at future Native Omaha Days Festival events.
  • Your reserved vendor space will be confirmed once application has been approved and full payment is received. Deposits or partial payments will not be accepted.
  • No electricity is available. No water is available. No generator available.
  • Upon approval, you will be contacted regarding load-in, set-up and teardown hours.
  • Applicants will be notified of their status within one week of submission.





If approved, failure to submit all necessary documents, applications and fees by the deadline will make your application ineligible for consideration. Completed applications and supporting documentation should be emailed to


Cancellation Policy
The Native Omaha Days Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel a vendor contract at any time for the benefit of the Native Omaha Days Festival or sole discretion. Vendors may cancel from the event with written or email notice. Cancellations received prior to July 9, 2021 are eligible for a refund minus $25 processing fee.

No refunds will be issued for cancellations received after July 9, 2021.




By signing this form, I acknowledge that I have carefully read and understand the rules and regulations within this
document and agree to adhere to any and all guidelines.


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